About Us

About Us

Mulgaro is a timelessly elegant lifestyle brand based in London, United Kingdom by Bank Inngern.

Born out of a love affair with architecture, travel and escapism, we celebrate the wardrobe of the modern nomad with a focus on shirts that are silky, light and flowy in the wind . We design our styles in-house and are inspired by art, culture, history, and adventure, but also by the beauty of everyday life. 

Our design studios are located between Bangkok and London, drawing artistry from East and West. We believe that our unique designs are what allow us to provide you with a timeless and contemporary look. Starting from shapes with a careful balance of beauty and functionality, we work extensively with our materials, pursuing a harmonious blend of colour, tone and texture. Our pieces are made to love, collect and last.

All of our products will always be cruelty free. Our silky materials have captured innovative synthetic fabrics. We avoid the use of silk, cashmere, shearling and other animal-derived clothing. We believe style and integrity should be synonymous, which is why we are as uncompromising with our products’ performance as we are with our commitment to animals.

Email : hello@mulgaromaison.com
Line ID : mulgaromaison