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Timeless | Vegan | Comfortable
Mulgaro is dedicated to the creation of comfortable modern elegant shirts that can be worn on all sorts of occasions. Our shirts can serve as relaxed workwear for a day in the office, yet exude elegance and style for an evening dinner. Our innovative soft fabrics act in harmony with the skin, ensuring that from day to night, you will never feel the urge to take it off.

Our design studio is based London, whilst our boutique manufacturing all takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, where local traditional hand techniques and weaving continue to make all of our small scale production. With their seamless design, our shirts can lend a casual-glamorous edge to working wear and off-duty outfits, making them the perfect sartorial ally for a busy modern man. We believe that unique design is what can provide a timeless and contemporary look. Starting from shapes with a careful balance of beauty and functionality, we work extensively with our materials, pursuing a harmonious blend of colour, tone and texture.

All of our products will always be cruelty free. We avoid the use of silk, cashmere, shearling and other animal-derived clothing. We believe style and integrity should be synonymous, which is why we are as uncompromising with our products’ performance as we are with our commitment to animals.

Sustainability is also integral to our design. We only source fabrics when the entire supply chain can be tracked from start to finish. Not a single aspect of our packaging contains plastics, and all of our luxury clothing boxes are made of recyclable cardboard.
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